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Título Ubicación Instalación
Senior Finance Analyst in Business, Planning and Analysis (BP&A) for Europe and Africa E-Systems Valls, T, ES Hybrid
Helpdesk level 2- Senior IT Support Specialist, Corporate Non-Manufacturing Applications Valls, T, ES In-Person
Electrification engineer Valencia - Several Engineering positions (Power electronics) Almussafes, V, ES, 46440
Electrification engineer Zaragoza- Several Engineering positions (Power electronics) Epila, Z, ES
Electrification engineer Martorell - Several Engineering positions (Power electronics) Martorell, B, ES, 08635
EHS Regional Leader
EHS Regional Leader Valls, T, ES 02-may-2022
Valls, T, ES In-Person
Software Architect - Core Electronics Reference Design Valls, T, ES In-Person
Platform SW Architect
Platform SW Architect Valls, T, ES 29-abr-2022
Valls, T, ES In-Person
Quality Management System Coordinator Leon, MX In-Person
EHS Manager
EHS Manager Valls, T, ES 28-abr-2022
Valls, T, ES In-Person
PCB Design Engineer
PCB Design Engineer Valls, T, ES 28-abr-2022
Valls, T, ES Hybrid
Senior Advanced Purchasing
Senior Advanced Purchasing Valls, T, ES 28-abr-2022
Valls, T, ES Hybrid
Tool Room Manager
Tool Room Manager Arteaga, MX 27-abr-2022
Arteaga, MX In-Person
Launch Engineer
Launch Engineer Juarez, MX 27-abr-2022
Juarez, MX In-Person
Continuous Improvement supervisor
Continuous Improvement supervisor Jarudo, MX 27-abr-2022
Jarudo, MX In-Person
E-Systems Engineer
E-Systems Engineer Valls, T, ES 26-abr-2022
Valls, T, ES
Continuous Improvement - Lean Manufacturing Coordinator Epila, Z, ES In-Person
Junior E-Systems Sales Account Representative Europe and Africa Valls, T, ES In-Person