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Shanghai, CN

Finishing Technical Engineer

Performance Objective (KPI):

  1. Ensuring Departing Work safety training
  2. Relevant data and report should be input and provide in time and accurate
  3. Ensuring relevant training can be conducted on time
  4. Good relationship build between internal and external
  5. Lead department to meet budget & targets
  6. Meet Quality & Efficiency Expectation
  7. Meet Customer Expectation.


  1. University degree in leather making/chemical field.
  2. At least two years hands on leather making experience,  working experience in automotive interior or leather company is a strong plus
  3. Experienced Leather finisher, in automotive (preferred) or upholstery leather will be preferred;

4    Must be able to read reports and use computers;

5    Strong communication skills with internal and external people;

6    Must be a team player with good communication and interpersonal skills;

7    Pass internal color test(色盲测试+年度辨色测试)

8   clear crust item with right  program

9   clear Finishing routine parameter