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Rabat, MA

Sr. Test Engineer



  • Assists and reports to Test Engineering Supervisor
  • Conduct test engineering assignments on new and current products.
  • Develop and execute methods and procedures to test and inspect products quality.
  • Develop and fabricate test and assembly fixtures and draft procedures and automated test programs.
  • Support manufacturing operations.
  • Compile, asses and analyze production test data.
  • Suggest corrective action for procedures and product deficiencies.
  • Build manufacturing methods to meet design goals on new or enhanced products.
  • Suggest new processes to enhance overall efficiency.
  • Set up routine maintenance schedules and suggest periodic upgrades of test equipment and fixtures.
  • Liaise between Manufacturing, Engineering and contract manufacturers on assembly development.
  • Define test strategies, analyze new product testability and deliver test solutions to manufacturing partner.
  • Introduce new products on schedule by coordinating with Design Engineering and Program Management.
  • Direct mechanical engineers and PCB designers to design custom test fixtures.
  • Develop and execute test processes to support needs and permit future growth.
  • Introduce test processes, monitor functional test yield and take corrective actions and cost reductions.
  • Assures capitalization and transversalization of lessons learned 
  • Follows and uses internal tools and process (LPMP, SEM...)
  • Responsible to fulfill internal MASS politics, or new politics as well as labor legislation
  • Ensure the conformance of products and processes according IATF, Customer specific requirements, and regulatory requirements.
  • Learns the rules; understands them; follows them, and participates in the energy, environment, safety and health program (e.g. planned inspections; energy, environment, safety and health suggestions; energy, environment, safety and health management systems, etc.).
  • Reports all incidents, accidents and unsafe conditions and acts to supervisors or uses the system set up to facilitate reporting.
  • Takes personal responsibility for keeping himself, co-workers, and equipment free of hazards.
  • Participates on saving energy and proposes suggestions to control it.




  • At least 6 years in a smilar position 
  • A proven experience within the automoive industry 
  • Great soft skills & managerial skills