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Yangzhou, CN

CI Manager

日常管理Daily management 


 Lead to work out the CI roadmap according to the plant CI target. 


 Provide the related lean training and guide the deployment of CI projects.  

 协调跟踪公司改进项目的进展,并向公司管理层&RHQ汇报。定期参加中国区CI周会和李尔扬州面料厂的CI月度会议。 Coordinate and follow up the progress of CI project and report to plant and RHQ management team. Join China Weekly CI meeting and Lear Yangzhou fabricl plant monthly meeting. 

 跟踪公司月度的Plant Saving金额,同财务共同认可后汇报RHQ;

 Follow monthly Plant Saving amount, report to RHQ after getting agreement with finance team; 

 策划公司OEA-B 月度审核,并组织各部门差距分析和制定行动计划;相关审核结果更新到LEAR网络;参与各工厂的评比。

 Plant OEA monthly review planning, and organize the departments make action plan to the weakness points; Upload the audit results to the LEAR network; To involve the China plant cross audit. 


 To push the model line setup and CT; To push the CI activities deployment to all the department; 


 Push all the department achieve the CI target; Cascade the best practices to the whole plant and global Lear (upload to the BP-System); Also, cascade the global best practices to Wuhan plant to look for continue improvement opportunities; 合理化建议的管理&流程优化; Suggestion idea system management and procedure optimization; 


 Lead continuous improvement basic knowledge training to needed employees. To drive the company CI culture continueous improvement. 

 附加和其它工作任务Other and Specific Missions 


 Support team development by coaching and training 


 Control department budget 


      Ensure full respect of HSE rules and regulations


      The other work raised by leader. 


      Ensure transparent and timely communication with GM                                                            

 岗位任职资格 Position Qualification 

 任职资格要求Position Qualification 

 技能和知识 Skills & Knowhow                     

 熟悉各种精益工具:线平衡、SMED、5S、VSM 、visual    management、kaizen、7大浪费等)

      Familiar with lean tools: line balance, SMED, 5 s,VSM,kaizen, 7 waste etc. 


Have expense of training, can develop the training PPT independently, and conduct the related CI training course  


      Timing Management Knowledge 


      Team Management Skills


      Team Communications Management Skills( Cross-Function) 


      Risk Management Knowledge 


      Computer skill of office software such as Project、Excel、Powerpoint and Word    etc. 

  口头和书面英文能力 Oral and Written English 

  行为特质 Behaviors 


      Behavior Competence 




Decision making 






Work under pressure 


 Accept criticism and improve


 Develop subordinates 

  管理 Management 

  其它 Others(学历、工作经验、相关证书等)                  


      More than 5 years relevant continuous improvement experience. 


      Bachelor degree or above 


Engineering Majors, Engineering design background in automotive field will be better.