Senior Data Analyst & Application Builder


Pune, MH, IN, 411026

Country/Region:  India
Job Function:  Engineering
Requisition ID:  34656
Employment Type:  Salary

Senior Data Analyst & Application Builder - Palantir Foundry


As a Senior Data Analyst & Application Builder with Palantir's Foundry, you will be a seasoned professional who combines data analysis expertise with application development skills. Your role involves exploring data, deriving actionable insights, creating customized applications, and ensuring seamless workflows. Additionally, you’ll play a pivotal role in enhancing data visualization and storytelling to empower users in making informed decisions.


  1. Data-Focused Project Execution:
    • Manage the execution of data-focused projects within the LEAR foundry team, utilizing Lear’s data analytics and application platform.
    • Participate in multiple projects from their inception, contributing to defining the problem statement
    • Support to contribute and execute a long-term data strategy aligned with business goals and associate data management with business strategy.
  2. Data Exploration and Analysis:
    • Utilize Foundry’s rich set of tools to explore and analyze data across various formats.
    • Conduct open-ended analysis using Contour and Quiver to extract insights from complex datasets.
    • Translate analysis findings into actionable recommendations.
  3. Data Visualization and Storytelling:
    • Develop visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards that seamlessly integrate real-time data.
    • Contextualize statistical information to highlight trends and patterns and Transform data findings into compelling stories.
    • Craft narratives that resonate with stakeholders, emphasizing the impact of data-driven decisions and driving engagement.
  4. Application Architecture and Development:
    • Lead the design and implementation of complex, tailored applications.
    • Team up with cross-functional teams to ensure scalability, reliability, and efficiency.
    • Work together with data engineers to establish a robust data foundation for workflow development.
  5. Ontology Management:
    • Maintain the organization’s Ontology using the Ontology Manager.
    • Explore objects and related workflows using Object Explorer and Object Views.
    • Set up alerts triggered by Ontology changes using Object Monitors.
  6. Collaboration and Transparency:
    • Work closely with data engineers, data scientists, and operational teams.
    • Provide technical guidance and foster collaboration.
    • Ensure transparency in application development processes.
  7. Team Development and Collaboration:
    • Mentor junior team members and contribute to their growth.
    • Foster collaboration within cross-functional teams.
    • Share best practices and encourage knowledge sharing.
  8. Continuous Learning and Innovation:
    • Stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies.
    • Enhance your skills in application design and development.
    • Contribute to the evolution of Foundry’s application capabilities
  9. End User Training:
    • Conduct training sessions for end users on how to effectively use the applications you develop.
    • Provide guidance, documentation, and best practices to ensure users can maximize the value of the applications.
    • Foster a user-centric approach, addressing user feedback and continuously improving the user experience.
  10. Expert Analysis and Integration:
    • Understand the phases of program and product delivery, offering expert analysis throughout the lifecycle.
    • Work with both new and legacy technologies to integrate separate data feeds and transform them into scalable datasets.
  11. Documentation, Compliance, and Best Practices:
    • Ensure comprehensive documentation aligns with internal practices (ITPM) and Sarbanes Oxley requirements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in data engineering, ETL, and data integration.
  • Proven experience in application development, preferably within a data-driven environment.
  • Strong understanding of the Foundry Ontology and its role in application building.
  • Proficiency in point-and-click application development using tools like Workshop.
  • Awareness of web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for application development.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.
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