Data Engineer II


Pune, MH, IN, 411026

Country/Region:  India
Job Function:  Engineering
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Employment Type:  Salary

Senior Data Analyst & Application Builder - Palantir Foundry


As a Senior Data Analyst & Application Builder with Palantir's Foundry, you will be a seasoned professional who combines data analysis expertise with application development skills. Your role involves exploring data, deriving actionable insights, creating customized applications, and ensuring seamless workflows. Additionally, you’ll play a pivotal role in enhancing data visualization and storytelling to empower users in making informed decisions.


  1. Data-Focused Project Execution:
    • Manage the execution of data-focused projects within the LEAR foundry team, utilizing Lear’s data analytics and application platform.
    • Participate in multiple projects from their inception, contributing to defining the problem statement
    • Support to contribute and execute a long-term data strategy aligned with business goals and associate data management with business strategy.
  2. Data Exploration and Analysis:
    • Utilize Foundry’s rich set of tools to explore and analyze data across various formats.
    • Conduct open-ended analysis using Contour and Quiver to extract insights from complex datasets.
    • Translate analysis findings into actionable recommendations.
  3. Data Visualization and Storytelling:
    • Develop visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards that seamlessly integrate real-time data.
    • Contextualize statistical information to highlight trends and patterns and Transform data findings into compelling stories.
    • Craft narratives that resonate with stakeholders, emphasizing the impact of data-driven decisions and driving engagement.
  4. Application Architecture and Development:
    • Lead the design and implementation of complex, tailored applications.
    • Team up with cross-functional teams to ensure scalability, reliability, and efficiency.
    • Work together with data engineers to establish a robust data foundation for workflow development.
  5. Ontology Management:
    • Maintain the organization’s Ontology using the Ontology Manager.
    • Explore objects and related workflows using Object Explorer and Object Views.
    • Set up alerts triggered by Ontology changes using Object Monitors.
  6. Collaboration and Transparency:
    • Work closely with data engineers, data scientists, and operational teams.
    • Provide technical guidance and foster collaboration.
    • Ensure transparency in application development processes.
  7. Team Development and Collaboration:
    • Mentor junior team members and contribute to their growth.
    • Foster collaboration within cross-functional teams.
    • Share best practices and encourage knowledge sharing.
  8. Continuous Learning and Innovation:
    • Stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies.
    • Enhance your skills in application design and development.
    • Contribute to the evolution of Foundry’s application capabilities
  9. End User Training:
    • Conduct training sessions for end users on how to effectively use the applications you develop.
    • Provide guidance, documentation, and best practices to ensure users can maximize the value of the applications.
    • Foster a user-centric approach, addressing user feedback and continuously improving the user experience.
  10. Expert Analysis and Integration:
    • Understand the phases of program and product delivery, offering expert analysis throughout the lifecycle.
    • Work with both new and legacy technologies to integrate separate data feeds and transform them into scalable datasets.
  11. Documentation, Compliance, and Best Practices:
    • Ensure comprehensive documentation aligns with internal practices (ITPM) and Sarbanes Oxley requirements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in data engineering, ETL, and data integration.
  • Proven experience in application development, preferably within a data-driven environment.
  • Strong understanding of the Foundry Ontology and its role in application building.
  • Proficiency in point-and-click application development using tools like Workshop.
  • Awareness of web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for application development.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.


Individual having experience in data analytics Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Pyspark etc. and Business intelligence tool like power BI who are willing to learn Palantir foundary in short time can also apply.

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