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Rabat, MA

Failure Analyst Engineer

  • Plans, coordinates and controls laboratory activities with the objective to assure that products and materials meet the required quality standards and drawings specifications.
  • Programs, plans, perform and supervise laboratory tests.  Keeps records of results and informs affected departments.
  • Studies, analyzes, and develops product specifications, test methods and needed resources to conduct the essays asked.
  • Plans laboratory testing projects and analyses and controls the research and application cost and invests to execute them.
  • Supervises the project dedicated lab team 
  • Assures the correctness of test results and test reports.
  • Participates in product development teams.
  • Analyses and defines with internal and external clients the requirements that products should accomplished
  • Proposes modifications to improve product quality and deliveries.
  • Coordinates the different sequences of the test and produces information to evaluate results.
  • Contacts clients and suppliers to manage resources, materials and equipment needed for tests.
  • Contacts external laboratories in order to execute other tests when required or needed.
  • Introduces into his field of responsibility new technologies, testing techniques and changes in legal or customer requirements.
  • Assures project development confidentiality.
  • Accomplished internal norms and policies.
  • Have the authority to stop production and shippement in case of non-conformity
  • Customer's KPI monitoring through B2B/porta or standard communications  and scorecard analysis
  • Customer's KPI monitoring through B2B/portal or standard communications 
  • Project millstones follow up and PPAP validation.
  • Ensure the conformance of products and processes according IATF, Customer specific requirements, and regulatory requirements and implementation of corrective and preventive actions.