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Rabat, MA

Global Product Systemic Engineer

Rabat Engineering Center is recruiting a Global Product Systemic Engineer

The main responsibilities of the function are:

  • Screening and collect for all potential systemic issues reported globally by non SSE communities (HW, Mechanical, LAB, EPL)
  • Evaluate with technical experts the systemic root cause to define preventive actions through process improvements or Lear Internal Requirements
  • Evaluate with technical experts the potentially affected projects
  • Launch read across actions to all projects potentially affected
  • To track Lessons Learned derived from Systemic issues
  • Global to E-System Engineering Organization.

  • He/She will interface with all systemic committees and local EQA leaders to assure systemic issues and activities are on track.

Education: Engineering degree in Electronics


  • Minimum 3 years of experience in Automotive industry
  • Previous experience with Problem resolution is recommended
  • Previous experience with HW and/or Mechanical is preferre

Languages: English 


  • Team Player
  • Communication Skills
  • Consistently Get Results
  • Approaches Issues with Maturity
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Time Management

Specific Knowledge:

Experience with Lear HW and Mechanical Processes and Tools

Problem Solving: 8D knowledge, 5Whys analysis, Fishbone methodology

Expertise with JIRA