Selma, AL, US, 36701

Production Worker


Lear Selma Job Description

Worker I

Title:   Worker l

Reports To:   Production Supervisor


Basic Function:

Performs general labor as assigned

When demolding:

Removes finished foam seating pads from their molds, places parts on a conveyer for the next stage of the finishing process and removes any obvious foam particles from the molds

When waxing:

Removes any obvious foam particles from molds and applies a thin layer of demolding agent (aerosol wax) to the surface of the molds.

When placing inserts:

Places all applicable inserts (supports wires, Velcro, seat frames, felt pieces, etc.) into the seating molds as specified by customer standards.


Qualifications: Skills, Education and Training



Quality Management System Overview ISO14001/TS16949

Right-to-Know/Hazardous Communication

Lock Out/Tag Out Affected/Authorized as appropriate

TDI Hazards


Verified by Reference Check or Job Performance

  1. Able to work in team setting and communicate well
  2. Physically able to perform job
  3. Follows both oral and written instructions, including customer standards
  4. Reliable
  5. Able to work any shift and overtime as directed
  6. Follows good safety practices

If waxing:

  1. Able to operate and properly calibrate aerosol wax gun
  2. Must be proficient in knowledge and application of all applicable standards and work instructions pertaining to the specific parts assigned.


If repairing:


Specific duties

  1. All positions clean work area during periods of downtown and at the conclusion of shift and perform various duties assigned by supervisor


Performs production-related duties s assigned:



  1. Cleans foam particles and/or wax build-up from molds
  2. Applies spray wax to the mold surfaces
  3. Notifies supervisor and line technician of process problems


Placing Inserts:

  1. Places proper inserts (wires, felts and Velcro) into molds
  2. Informs supervisor of insert shortages; assists in recovering dropped or misplaced inserts


  1. Removes molded foam seat pads from mold
  2. Places part on conveys for next stage of finishing process
  3. Cleans any foam particles and/or wax build-up from the molds
  4. Informs supervisor and line technician of process problems, underfills, wax burns, etc



  1. Removes all ribbon vents and uncontrolled flash in parting line that is greater than 25mm using scissors or air trimmers tool
  2. Inspects parts for the following defects:
  • Flash not trimmed off
  • Hard spots on the parting line
  • Under fills
  • Foam free areas
  • Safety glove must be worn on apposite hand
  • Inform supervisor of B-surface defects
  • See specialized customer required trim areas



  1. Look for voids marked by inspector
  2. Use scoop to repair
  3. If voids are small, stuff the void with repair foam, then cut it back to contour of part
  4. Inform supervisor of any insert shortages



  1. Remove parts off the monorail
  1. Identify part, place it in its respective bin
  1. Pack the parts in their respective order.  The pack description is posted on the floor where the bins go
  1. Pack description includes the part orientation
  2. Pack description includes the quantity
  3. Pack description includes the part number and the vehicle
  1. Verify that the standard pack is met.
  1. Verify the correct quantity is in the bin
  2. Verify that the pack orientation is correct
  3. Make sure that all parts are inside the bin.  Parts that hang out of the bin my get ripped
  1. Notify production supervisor if out of balance on parts
  2. As backup to material clerk, prepare and attach product labels

Molding Cleaning:

  1. Clean the bowl of the tool
  1. Clean all ribbons vents of any foam
  2. Clean any areas that have foam stuck to them
  3. Apply paste wax to any area scrubbed with a chore boy or had stuck foam
  1. Clean all wire holders of foam
  1. Apply paste wax to wire holders that have stuck foam
  1. Vent Identification
  1. Ribbon Vent
  1. Verify the bowl is clean
  1. Inspect the ribbon vents to ensure they are free of flash
  2. Inspect all wire holders to ensure they are foam free. A foamed in holder
  3. Verify that the bowl is free of flash




Nearest Major Market: Selma