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Selma, AL, US


Lear Selma Job Description

Line Tech

             Title:   Line Technician

      Location:   Selma, AL

    Reports to:  Processing Manager


Basic Functions:

The Line Technician functions as a hands-on processing person on the production line and is involved with all variables affecting the process: mold temperature, raw material mix, line speed, pour patterns (if applicable), and the control of robotics and mechanical aspects of the operation.  The Line Technician’s role is to minimize scrap, repairs and downtown by efficient operation of the processing line.


Qualifications: Skills, Education and Training



8D Database

Environmental management system overview



Problem Solving

Quality Management System Overview

Lock Out/Tag Out Affected/Authorized as appropriate

TDI Hazards

Right-to-Know/Hazardous Communication




Verified by Reference Check or Job Performance


  1. Successful completion of all LT-1 qualifications with above average performance
  2. Minimum of two years experience as LT-1
  3. Basic understanding of operational variances
  4. Able to train new line techs
  5. Excellent role model for other employees; demonstrates good leadership abilities and techniques
  6. Able to work any shift and overtime as needed
  7. Willing to pursue additional; education as needed
  8. Proficient in at least one operation and willing to learn/ run other production line operations at supervisor’s discretion
  9. Knowledge of customer standards
  10. Know how to create and set up a program in the processor


Specific Duties:

  1. Approve or disapprove raw material batches based upon information from quality assurance
  2. Make raw material adds with direction from processing engineer
  3. Ensure mode line up agrees with schedule
  4. Set up pour programs
  5. Set up processing changes; assist with mold changes
  6. Monitor processing changes; assist with mold changes
  7. Monitor processing parameters: mold and material temperatures, machine settings,etc.
  8. Align processing activities with other departments
  9. Troubleshoot relative to equipment tooling
  10. Perform basic upkeep of processing equipment: Clean and oil pour head
  11. Maintain accurate records using paperwork, electronic data tracking/reporting (Monitor, Microsoft Excel and Word) as required
  12. Assist with physical inventory process
  13. Other duties as assigned

Nearest Major Market: Selma